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Crossfit Rowing Machines


Our instructors are Raphael and Mollie. Each one brings their individual area of expertise to the company. Whether you need help with weight loss, muscle gain, diet and lifestyle advice or help exercising after surgery or illness we are here to help you with all aspects of your fitness and nutrition.

We Train You Gain trainers can offer;

• Help to gain results that last!

• A qualified Nutrition adviser to help you with all aspects of your diet and healthy eating including body statistics, changing eating habits, meal plans and recipes.

• Highly qualified Personal trainers with over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry.

• A strength and condition coach that can help improve your muscle strength and flexibility

• Great choices of locations for exercising including in your home, outdoors and at our private studio

Questions clients ask us? 


How important is a healthy diet to someone’s health and wellbeing?

Diet is key to everybody's health and well-being. We believe its 60% in the kitchen and 40 % fitness.
We Train You Gain's nutrition adviser can help with all areas of your diet and nutrition. We believe that educating people is the key. Healthy eating has many benefits including increasing energy, boosting immunity aiding healthy sleep and having a positive impact on a persons mental wellbeing.

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

Firstly we listen our clients! We believe that every individual has different needs and we tailor make our sessions and advice to fit with you . We work closely with you to help you achieve your goals and design programmes specifically suited to you. We offer advice and practical training on all aspects of fitness and nutrition offering support and motivation right the way through your journey with us.


What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

There is no secret to achieving a better, healthier body. Quite frankly it can sometimes take a lot of hard work and dedication. But we are here to make the hard work fun and enjoyable and the dedication worth it. We 'll help you target the areas that need improvement.
If you adopt an all round toning and fitness programme coupled with a great, healthy diet you'll definitely see results. Keep to those main points and together we can achieve a new you.

What we  love most about your job?

It's so satisfying to be able to build up in a client the belief and confidence that they truly can be healthier fitter and look better. It gives me a real buzz to make this happen. And if a client has a had an illness and are unsure of themselves, i can gently help them train back to fitness and self-belief. A win,win situation all round!!

Why should you choose us ?

Working with We Train You Gain you, the client, are immediately put at ease and are able to freely discuss your desired objectives. Not everyone likes to train in a noisy, busy environment with crowds of people. So a quiet one to one session in our studio may be perfect for you. We can also offer professional in depth nutritional and diet support to suit you. Our sole aim is to help you achieve your goals by motivating, supporting and inspiring you throughout your entire fitness journey.

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